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    Top 5 Typical Dutch Dishes

    31 march 2018

    You’ve probably already heard of these delicious cookies… Waffle, syrup and another waffle!


     ‘’Patatje met’’
    Most countries like Ketchup with their fries, but in Holland we love mayonnaise! Our love is so great, that we don’t even have to pronounce the actual word ‘mayonnaise’. We can just say ‘Patatje met’, which literally means ‘Fries with’.


    Once temperature is below zero, we Dutchies can’t function without our soup of peas! This soup with peas and smoked sausage is a typically Dutch winter dish.

    TIP: can’t pronounce ‘erwtensoep’? Just say ‘snert’! Pronounced as snÉ›rt.


    Chocolate sprinkles for breakfast ‘’Hagelslag’’.
    What a way to start your day! In The Netherlands it’s  daily business to put our chocolate sprinkles on our bread slices. YUM!


    It’s just like a croquette, but small! Meat ragout with a crunchy outside, right out of the frying pan.  Perfect for a 4 PM bite and a beer on the side!

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