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    Top 3 small museums in Amsterdam

    28 february 2018

    These museums may be small, but are definitely worth a visit!

    Museum Perron Oost

    This museum might be the smallest of the world! It’s just 6 square metres, but of course there is more. Outside you will find a train carriage on the original track, which is saved from its destruction 20 years ago. Visit the museum and learn everything from the 150-year history of the Eastern Docklands!
    Where? Cruquiusweg 11


    Pianola Museum

    This museum is one of the smallest in Amsterdam and opened its doors 25 years ago. Here you’ll discover the rich history and functionality of the most unique instruments.
    Opening hours: Friday until Sunday between 11.00 AM and 5 PM.
    Where? Westerstraat 106



    Houseboat Museum

    Always wanted to see what a houseboat looks like inside? Visit the Houseboat museum and experience what it’s like to live on an actual houseboat in Amsterdam!

    Where? Prinsengracht 296K

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