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Tips by locals

13 september 2017


1. ''Have breakfast at Coffee & Art. Enjoy a wide variety of delicious sandwiches for breakfast or lunch in beautiful Amsterdam East.''

2. ''Did you know that Amsterdam has more canals than Venice? Enjoy a canal cruise on the waters of Amsterdam at Amsterdam Circle Line.''

3. ''Fun Fact! There are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam. Go with the flow and rent a bike at the  reception of our hotel for only € 15 per day.''

4. ''Feeling lucky today? Discover the secrets of luck and the impact on the body at Body Worlds.''

5. ''Say Holland, Say Cheese. Step by the Arxhoek Kaashandel and have a taste!''

6. ''In for a fun diner? At Fondue & Fondue you can enjoy a cheese, meat or fish fondue.''

7. ''Bags are a girl’s best friend! Visit the Museum of Bags between 10am and 5pmand be amazed by the masterpieces. Tip! After 4.30pm you get a 50% discount.''

8. ''Have a look in the cellblocks at Torensluis, hidden below the widest bridge of Amsterdam.
Fun fact: there is a Dutch saying ‘Keep your head above water’, which is a direct result of the cellblocks which regularly flooded.''

9. ''Want an unique souvenir? Have a photoshoot as a typical Dutch milkmaid or transform into the Prince of Orange at Museumfoto in the Eggertstraat.''

10. ''Are you in for a challenge? Escape from the escape room at Sherlocked.''


Did you know that we also have delicious restaurants? Try the mussels at Restaurant JOOST or the dover sole at Remise47.




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